Year of the Moon is a music project from Nashville-based songwriter James Francis Moorehead. James has self-released primarily solo-acoustic music since 2005 under the name James Moore. These releases include the EPs Past Miles, Crows, and You Can Return. After graduating with a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling in 2016, James left his home state of New Jersey for Nashville and began a new, musical journey.  In Nashville, James soon befriended Joe Lekkas of  the Nashville-based band Palm Ghosts and in 2019 Lekkas and Moorehead began writing and recording new music in Lekkas' Greenland Studio in Nashville. The two collaborated with Ben Douglas, also of Palm Ghosts, who has contributed lyrics and music.  The music of Year of the Moon spans genres ranging from synth-pop, rock, ambient,  and electro-folk to create a vision of existential pop with the goal of confounding musical expectations.